Thanksgiving Dinner 2012

In light of the recent Thanksgiving week, I would like to show you the lovely memories I shared with my friends in Boston. It was my first homemade Thanksgiving dinner, and sadly, the last before I embark on journeys outside of this continent. As you can tell, we made some modifications on the usual Thanksgiving recipes, but the food was to die for.

What’s on the menu:

– Turkey!!! (stuffing not displayed, naturally)

– Mashed Potato with Gravy (not displayed)

– Cranberry Sauce

– Veggies Plate

– Vegetable stir-fry

– 2 types of Fried Rice (You know how Asians love Fried Rice :D): the original beans – pork combination, and Vietnamese pickled mustard green – beef fried rice. If you have never had pickled mustard green, you are truly missing out.

– Baked Sweet Potatoes

– Honey Glazed Carrots

– Biscuits, Banana Bread

Cocktail of the evening was Absolut Boston vodka mixed with Apple Cider. It was a spontaneous choice and turned out to be a huge success. Absolut Boston hasn’t been sold since 2009, the bottle we opened was the last one in my stock. Needless to say, I was quite nostalgic to part with a limited edition liquor that summed up my freshman year but it was well worth it.

A Vietnamese Thanksgiving dinner ^_^

The lovely chefs, before and after šŸ™‚

Happy Turkey Day xx


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