Trench Coat

Originally designed for military purposes, the trenchcoat made famous by Burberry has endured its way into our hearts as an absolute necessity. Men and women alike, if worn right, this rough fabrics can be the sexiest thing made to weather the rain and the wind while looking uber chic. Even though trenchcoats are often associated with the British (especially Londoners) and the French, I have never seen such density of trenchcoat wearing pedestrians as Boston in the fall. With or without scarf, it creates an instant sophistication and assurance. Paired with sunglasses, and you have that “je ne sais quoi” attitude. I love original khaki, double breasted Burberry trenchcoats, I think the look is truly timeless. Now you can even customize yours down to the buttons on Burberry bespoke. I have been eyeing Burberry’s special pieces as well :)… Here are some of my favorites:

And this is how I wear my trenchcoat :p

IMG_8472-Edit 2


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