Holidazzle 2012

Holidazzle is Harvard Business School’s annual holiday ball; this year hosted at Westin Copley Place in Boston. It was a classy event, elegantly organized, and frankly one of the best nights I have had lately. I joined my friend/ date Minh Bui for dinner with Section E and had tons of fun getting to know HBS culture a little better. After dinner, we headed to the American Ballroom with other sections to mix and mingle on the dance floor. I apologize for the lack of photos from that point on, I was busy having fun 🙂

The usual 5s outfit run-through at the elevator’s mirror:


Me and my date:


I absolutely loved the dress, and from what I could gather, many felt the same. There’s something about wearing a gown that makes your steps more graceful and your posture more poised. My first time wearing sequins and I’m surprisingly charmed. Events like this make me feel even more nostalgic of my limited time left in Boston…

Au coeur de la nuit, je danse avec toi…

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday! xx


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