When it comes to yogurt, there are two ways to have it that I absolutely love:

1. Chobani Greek Yogurt with Honey & Cinnamon Powder


You are probably looking for the flavor I mentioned. Well it’s not in there 🙂 The secret is you can add honey & cinnamon powder to any flavors of yogurt you like and it will taste great. Plain yogurt is just, well, too plain for me. Honey and cinnamon powder can be found in any kitchen pantries, and the combination brings more health benefits than you can imagine. If you don’t believe me, go look it up! Eating yogurt daily prevents weight gain, while honey mixed with cinnamon powder helps your body to break down fat. True story! Craving something sweet while having a weight loss goal? I suggest you keep honey and cinnamon powder close by. I know it seems weird at first, but the mixture of these two alone has become my all-nighter healthy food remedy on many occasions. I’m hoping they would rise to the challenge again tonight :D.

2. Starbucks Yogurt Parfait in SMG

There are countless days that I would rush into the School of Management building, not because I’m late for class, but because I have a target in mind: get the yogurt parfait before it runs out!!! I know many other Starbucks in town sell a version of this parfait, but somehow SMG does it best. The combination is simple: strawberry yogurt with fresh strawberries and blueberries, a tray of granola neatly stacked on top. If you want to be really really health conscious, don’t eat the granolas, it has more sugar than you would like to know. However, it’s my true guilty pleasure. No granolas, no yogurt. Simple as that 😀

Now I know somewhere in this post, you expect me to mention Pinkberry and the whole healthy frozen yogurt movement (is it a movement? it’s so old!). Well, I have no comment on how healthy it is, because frankly I don’t want to know. Same goes for bubble tea, don’t tell me how bad it is, either drink up or shut up. Moreover, Pinkberry is all about freedom of choice, so why dictate how you take it ;)! Shuffle up your choices from time to time and enjoy!!! I’m sure they have put money into R&D, and there must be people who eat this daily for a living…bottom line is: it’s not that easy to go wrong.

Oh, and have I told you there’s a Pinkberry in BU Dining hall? Wicked, isn’t it 😀 Seeing BU girls with long legs, short skirts, standing in line often reminds me of my first Pinkberry memories in LA. Perfect combination!



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