Anna Sui

I have always been a bit intimidated by make up brands with edgy looking products, I had this weird prejudice against anything new. I played it safe with Chanel and Dior for a long time; however this past winter I have opened up my mind and decided to try a wide range of skincare and cosmetic products. The results have been positive, I’m falling in love with the hauls of products I purchased in Asia. Now that I’m back in Boston, my addiction has not stopped – with the help of online shopping any time, any hours. You will see me posting about cosmetics mostly in the next few days. I do not intend to become a make up guru or skincare expert, everyone knows I prefer natural looking skin. However, I have never been a low maintenance girl, and who doesn’t love being flawless?

Here are a few Anna Sui products that have been added to my collection.

Anna Sui Mirror – I put this in my bag so that it travels with me. It is quite convenient, surprisingly, for touching up on the go and it makes you feel like a princess. It comes with a pouch to protect the mirror from being scratched, but my friend goes without and the mirror still lasts forever. One time I used this in a club to apply my lipstick, and accidentally dropped it. Knowing how much my friend loved her mirror, I picked it up in thumbing heartbeats only to find it in one piece. I guess I have to give this product a thumb up for being so durable, no one likes broken glass.

Anna Sui Lip Balm – It comes with the moisturizing Lip Wrap. I haven’t tried this out yet, but for an idea of what it does, you can read on here:

I have sworn by La Mer lip balm for the longest time now. It’s the only balm that doesn’t irritate my lips since I have ultra sensitive skin. However I have to admit in the winter time, I want my lips to be lathered in something else. Anna Sui lip balm is that something else – now it sits comfortably on my make up table. Because of the delicate texture (with gentle lychee smell), I use Q-tip to apply it every morning and night. It’s becoming an important part of my beauty regiment. You know how Michelle Phan always tells us to apply lip care first and foremost? La Mer lip balm doesn’t provide a thick enough layer to stand the make up application process, but this is working out beautifully for me.

Anna Sui Eye Brightener – I have been fairly conscious of my eye’s puffiness. Even though dark circles have never been my main concern, I found a routine that  delivers amazing results for my eyes, so I will write another post with reviews on this product later. 🙂


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