Eye Concealers

No one is happy with the way our under eyes look. Let’s face it – the eyes tell it all: How old you are, how much sleep you get, how much sodium you eat, etc. I never get enough sleep, but dark circles and eyes’ imperfections never bothered me before I touched these products. Once you glide them on, you will question why you haven’t done this your whole life.

Let’s start with priming your eyes – with Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray. I never used much eye make up so most of the times I skip this step. However if you use eyeliner or eye shadows, this may make a huge difference. No one likes smudges.

After that, conceal with Benefit’s Erase Paste. I bought this after watching too many Benefit’s tutorials. I was never convinced that I needed eye concealer – but this product has really worked wonders. It has a pink under tone so I use this almost strictly for eyes. Apply it with concealer brush, a little goes a long way.

Finally, I finish off with Anna Sui’s Eye Brightener. I have mentioned this product in my Anna Sui’s post. This illuminates the eyes without providing too much shimmer. It also has a very pleasant smell that’s the signature of Anna Sui cosmetics. Because it’s liquid base, it’s perfect for using on top of other products as finishing touch. Use your ring finger to dab and blend – since it’s the weakest finger, it will not hurt the delicate areas around your eyes.

Just because you are tired, doesn’t mean you should show it :)!


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